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Summer in the City

66th Annual Conference

August 2-3  2017


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Summer in the City

66th Annual Conference

August 2-3  2017


The Vendor Link is now open for our Sixty-Sixth annual Conference. The conference is being held at the Hilton Harrisburg in downtown Harrisburg.


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First hint: the conference is in downtown Harrisburg.

Second hint: He has a 2 block walk from 4th to 2nd street.

Final hint: look at the Thursday morning conference schedule.

Keynote Speaker:  Christopher Brueningsen



World markets continue to shift away from industrial economies based on production of goods toward "knowledge economies" that trade in information. This means the next generation of college graduates will need to be independent problem-solvers and decision-makers.  How well are our math classrooms equipped to move us from a society built on logical, linear thinking to one that depends on innovation, creativity, and collaboration?  In this session, we’ll explore the changing landscape of math education in the U.S. and examine new teaching paradigms that encourage the development of skills that are most relevant for today’s educated workforce.


Keynote Speaker:  Matthew R. Larson

President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


Larson was the K–12 curriculum specialist for mathematics in Lincoln (Nebraska) Public Schools for more than 20 years. Larson is a frequent speaker before mathematics education audiences, and he has authored or co-authored several books, including a series on professional learning communities and Common Core Mathematics. He is co-author of the recent publication, Balancing the Equation: A Guide to School Mathematics for Educators and Parents, and he was on the writing team of Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (2014).  Larson has taught mathematics at the elementary through college level and has held an appointment as an honorary visiting associate professor at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Could there be a third Keynote Speaker coming soon?

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