ennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Proposed changes to the PCTM Constitution,

for review and an up/down vote at the yearly annual meeting.


CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS REVISION Reading – MAY 20, 2017, Quarterly PCTM Board Meeting.

1. Article IV – Officers and Board of Directors

Section 4-Term of Office

Item 4-beginning in the first sentence change the words “at the conclusion of the Board meeting in May/June” with “on June 30th”. Add as the last sentence “The term of office for the incoming officers shall begin on July 1st.”

2. Article V – Committees

Section 1- Add to the list PCTM Internship Program Coordinator (position was announced at the February 20, 2016 Board meeting)


1. Article II – Duties of The Offices

Section 4-Treasurer

Add: The Treasurer shall be responsible for utilizing Authorization of Payment Forms for each expenditure transaction. PCTM Authorization of Payment Forms for PCTM General Business Needs must be signed by either the PCTM President, Vice President, Secretary, or Awards Chair. PCTM Authorization of Payment Forms for PCTM Conferences must be signed by either the Conference Planning Committee Chair, Current Conference General Chair, or Current Conference Co-Chair. (Motion passed as listed in the May 21, 2016 Board minutes.)

2. Article III – Committees

Section 1-Standing Committees

After Item 8 Add: PCTM Internship Program Coordinator as Item 9 then change Item 9 to Item 10, Item 10 to Item 11, and Item 11 to Item 12

Item 9 will become: PCTM Internship Program Coordinator

The PCTM Internship Program Coordinator shall be responsible for overseeing and managing the PCTM Internship Program, and working in collaboration with the Undergraduate Student Representative in creating opportunities for student involvement in PCTM. Records are to be kept as per the PCTM Internship Program Handbook.