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Monday  8:30 - 9:30 am Ballroom

Each speaker gets five minutes to talk about whatever ignites their passion, using 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds—whether they're ready or not!

Annie Fetter

Annie Fetter is a legend in the online math education community.  Before there was Twitter and Facebook Annie was busy building a math community and helping math teachers.  She has been a central part of The Math Forum which transitioned from The Geometry Forum in 1996 through its tenure in 2017.  Annie is known for her use of “Notice and Wonder” as a routine for engaging students in mathematics for the past 11 years.  This routine has been refined and expanded on by thousands of teachers who want to help their students make sense of mathematics and enjoy the satisfaction of answering mathematical questions that they asked themselves.  Annie enjoys developing Professional Development for teachers in grades K-12, and speaking at conferences and workshops.  You can follow Annie on Twitter at @MFAnnie.

Robert Loche

Bob Lochel has taught at Hatboro-Horsham High School for 21 years, where he also served as an instructional coach.  He is a Desmos certified trainer, was Siemen’s STEM Fellow in 2011, and was a Khan Academy Talent Search Awardee in 2015.   Bob currently serves as President of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of Philadelphia and Vicinity (ATMOPAV), which is a PCTM and NCTM Affiliate. He served PCTM as the Program Co-Chair for the PCTM 2015 Annual Conference and has served NCTM as a Program Committee member.

Tom Reardon

Tom Reardon taught mathematics for 35 years at Fitch High School where he served as department chair.  He has served as an adjunct instructor at Youngstown State University of Ohio since 1980, is a T3 national instructor, and is developing activities and technologies in Transformational Geometry for the middle and high school.  Tom is a well sought after speaker having presented in 40 states and 7 countries, including NCTM, numerous state conferences, STEM and math technology conferences, and co-organized an International Computer Algebra System (CAS) conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  His specialties are graphing technologies, iPads, Smart Boards, integrating multiple technologies, problem solving strategies, questioning techniques and pedagogy.  Tom has written problems for the ACT and the AMC and has had a book published.  He has earned numerous teaching awards including the Presidential Award for Mathematics Teaching, the Toyota TIME Award, and has achieved National Board Certification.

Jim Rubillo

Jim Rubillo served as NCTM Executive Director (2001-2009), Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bucks County Community College holding the rank of Professor Emeritus, a high school teacher and Department Chair, and continues to speak at professional meetings and conduct K-12 Mathematics In-Service programs having made over 800 presentations, at least one in each of the 50 states.  Jim has served as a consultant for many corporations in the areas of strategic planning and project management.  Jim was inducted into the PCTM Hall of Fame in 2001, received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from West Chester University in 2004, and received the NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics Education from the Mathematics Education Trust.

Amanda Schantz

Amanda Schantz is a first year teacher at Central High School in Philadelphia.  She graduated as a Robert Noyce Scholar from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Teaching in May of 2017.  There she began advocating for young educators, including pre-service teachers, to become involved with local, state, and national mathematics organizations.  She has led multiple groups from Temple University to attend and present at various conferences, such as ATMOPAV, PCTM, PRNP, NCTM, and UTeach.  Amanda has presented at many ATMOPAV and PCTM Conferences, as well as the NCTM 2016 Regional Conference in Philadelphia and the 2017 UTeach Conference in Austin, Texas.  Amanda served as the first PCTM Undergraduate Student Representative from 2014-2016, was the Creator and Coordinator of the PCTM Pre-Service Teacher Internship Program from 2015-2017, has helped plan PCTM Conferences with contributions to Pre-Service Teacher Day and the Photo Booth run by PCTM Interns. Currently she  serves on the ATMOPAV Board.  Amanda is working to expand her credentials to include Computer Science.

Doug Tyson

Doug Tyson has taught mathematics and statistics to high school and undergraduate students for more than 25 years, currently teaching AP Statistics, Intro to Statistics, and Statistical Reasoning in Sports.  He is committed to increasing the visibility and quality of statistics education around the county.  To that end, he happily serves on the NCTM/ASA Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability, works as a Table Leader at the AP Statistics Reading, runs workshops and teacher training events around the country, and is an active NCTM and ASA member.  Doug has been a speaker at regional and national mathematics education conferences, including NCTM and state conferences.  He has co-authored Statistical Reasoning in Sports, 2nd edition, co-authored a College Board curriculum module on random sampling and random assignment, authored the Teacher’s Edition for Statistics and Probability with Applications, 3rd edition, and served as author and project manager for media supplements to accompany The Practice of Statistics 5th edition and 6th edition.

Rose Mary Zbiek

Rose Mary Zbiek is a Professor of Mathematics Education and Department Head at The Pennsylvania State University, served on the NCTM Board of Directors, was the series editor for NCTM’s Essential Understanding series and continues her work in mathematical modeling while serving as chair of the NCTM/SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Joint Committee for Mathematics Across the Curriculum.  Rose has authored or edited a multitude of articles, chapters, books, and curriculum materials on aspects of mathematical modeling, technology use, and mathematics for secondary school teaching.   With her expertise in mathematical modeling, Rose was a writing team member for Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematical Modeling Education.  She taught high school mathematics and computer science at Lake-Lehman High School in Northeastern Pennsylvania, spent 10 years teaching mathematics and mathematics education at the University of Iowa, and is a Past President of the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  She is a recipient of the PCTM Outstanding Contribution to Mathematics Education Award and the PCTM Distinguished Service Award as well as the Thomas Urban Award from F.I.N.E. for the impact of research on education for an article in Journal for Research in Mathematics Education