ennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics

From the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PCTM) President

From the first PCTM conference I attended in 1984 as a Junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I was hooked. I remember how my classmates and I rifled through the program, circling workshops and sessions we wanted to see. We gathered at lunch and in the evening, often with a few of our Methods professors, to share our thoughts on each experience and how we would use what we learned in our future teaching. This past spring as I scoured the NCTM pro- gram for the conference in Washington, DC, the enthusiasm was still there with added anticipa- tion. I knew from experience that the next days would bring a welcomed rejuvenation. After the conference I shared everything I learning with my colleagues as we discussed how we would use some of the new instructional strategies or websites or manipulatives or technology ideas in our classrooms. During the years between my first conference and the most recent one, there have been many changes in mathematics education, but PCTM and NCTM have been there helping me stay excited about what I do every day. In this era of changes – testing, technology, social media, standards – PCTM reminds me that as a mathematics teacher, I have the privilege of fostering problem solving and mathematical thinking. I have been a member of PCTM and NCTM since the beginning of my career and have served on the PCTM board for the past 6 years. I am so honored and thankful to have this opportunity to serve Pennsylvania mathematics teachers the next two years as President of PCTM. One of my goals is to support you so that you continue to be excited and find joy in teaching mathematics. I know that this conference can be a catalyst of that joy! Find something new and take it back to your school district and share it. I am open to new ideas and thoughts that you have about how PCTM can support mathematics teachers.

Please email me anytime. I look forward to the conference and to the coming school year as we work together to guide and prepare and challenge our students.


Kelly Brent,   PCTM President,    brentk@carlisleschools.org



Welcome to the 67th Annual PCTM Conference!

We are thrilled that you have traveled to Harrisburg this week for a few days of math filled fun. A diverse conference has been organized full of innovative workshops and presentations that will engage you and inspire you for the upcoming school year. There is a multitude of topics ranging from the elementary to the high school level including a wealth of knowledge for the entire math population. Opportunities for growth in technology, critical thinking, best practices in the classroom and much more will be available throughout the sessions. If your brain  tires of math and you need to refuel, there will be a delicious meal every day.

What we are most excited to share with you is our  first IGNITE session. An IGNITE session is a fun opportunity for us to showcase a handful of inspiring presenters with a variety of successive  five-minute presentations. This will be a high energy way to begin the conference on Monday morning and something you will not want to miss! In additon to IGNITE, we are also looking forward to presentng our Keynote speaker, Jim Rubillo, whose talk is  titled “Yo Teach, You Go a Problem With That?“ Jim is a remarkable speaker and one who will leave you feeling motivated and refreshed.

In between the stimulating speakers and sessions, please take  time to visit the exhibit hall to see the vast amount of resources they have to offer. Further, if you meet any of the Conference Committee Members please stop and thank them for their work in preparing this conference for us. Their names are listed in the program book. In conclusion, thank you for joining us at the PCTM Conference and we hope you  find it meaningful and worthwhile.

Enjoy the conference.


Marian Avery and Franci Dempsey, PCTM 2018 Conference Co-Chairs